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I have paid women hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped them grow their core business through the power of affiliate marketing. Let me show you how.

"Leverage is a Girl's Best Friend." - ksm

In Impact Posse™, we have impacted the lives of over 35,000 women in 183 countries by joining forces to create a tsunami of change while making great money.

As a savvy online entrepreneur, biz owner, blogger or woman who has influence over others, it's important to discover the power affiliate marketing can have in 1) your ability to provide massive value to your followers 2) making you great profit and 3) giving you way more freedom. All you need to do is learn the lost art of leverage. Less work. More impact. More profit.

As a successful businesswoman, your highest priorities are:

This is what's available for you in the Impact Posse.

Affiliates in the Impact Posse Win Big Time!

We offer revolutionary training and have
one of the highest CPC and CPL in the industry.*

*CPC = Commission Per Click, CPL = Commission Per Lead

Now we are doing it all over again but
and Better Than Before!!


  • 1      My 3 training videos on how to make affiliate marketing work for you.
  • 2      My personal affiliate checklist so you choose only the best opportunities.
  • 3      My bonus affiliate marketing call.
  • 4      A chance to be part of tribe who is making a huge difference.
  • 5      Potentially lots of commissions!!!

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